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30 year old guy from the Netherlands living in Utrecht at the moment. I am active on a lot of social networks but don't have the time to be a pro user (you know, get gold badges on stackoverflow). But when I can I try to help other people with stuff. I love open source and would love to contribute more.

For starters I am a member of the following organizations:


To find my full C.V. go to my linkedin page (that's what it's for right?). The short story is: since my graduation when I was 22 I worked for Coolblue as a client-side web developer. After 2 years I moved to One Shoe where I was really introduced into Drupal.

Beginning of 2013 I left One Shoe to join OlinData to help grow the company, in it I have the function of Drupal trainer (where-ever there is need for it), all-round developer and as is normal with small starting up companies: everything that is coming my way.

O yeah, almost forgot, I fiddle around in Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere as well, but companies always hire additional designers to design the stuff that I build. Not bad though, this way I can focus on developing. When I am designing stuff it is for something that has to do with music most of the time (my band).


I have spoken on a few different occassions (e.g. Drupaljam 2011, FroSCon 7 (2011). It is very likely that I will do more of that in the future.


I like to drum from time to time, I'm doing that in the band Terzij de Horde. With Terzij de Horde I recorded a demo (Exposed, Barren and Often Windswept), an EP (A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light) and a split 12" vinyl A Chosen Hollow.

Right now we are working on our first full length cd which we hope to record in 2013. No cd title known yet.


A Chosen Hollow

A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light


Show we did together with The Devil's Blood in the Romein in Leeuwarden

Show in London, UK, January 2013 while on tour with The Great Old Ones